Palimpsest – something reused or altered but still bearing visible traces of its earlier form. My current practice and most recent artworks have embodied the same principals of palimpsest but have been adapted differently within my creative practice. Recently, I have been investigating the use of light as a drawing tool to create depth and movement throughout my artworks.  Meanwhile, visualising the act of time passing, as each minute passes it becomes an index of the following minute. I feel that through following these principles in my practice I have shown both a conceptual and physical interpretation of palimpsest. 
Captured Inbetween, Overlay
Captured Inbetween, Overlay II
Captured Inbetween
Captured Inbetween, Transparency
Light Uncovered XII
Light Uncovered II
Light Uncovered IV
Light Uncovered V
Light Uncovered X
Layers of Time
Layers of Time 5
Barely Blue
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