Inspired by nature and the detrimental effects caused to it by our presence. I raise awareness of our existence and ways we pollute the environment through the use of natural materials such as wood, paper and string. By creating organic structures and manipulating them around the chosen site of Milngavie Salmon Ladder, I intend to highlight the ongoing issues further. Using the methodology of Cause & Effect I exploit the true relationships we have with our habitats through performative video artwork, focusing on the movement and altered sounds paired to the objects. Invoking the concept that modern society invades nature.
Extremes of Tomorrow (McGloan, 2021) 
Paper collage performance work.  Combining an amalgamation of sounds to organically structured paper blocks to invoke the concept that our presence and need for change in modern society creates destruction on our natural environment. Images display stills of the changes created through performance at the chosen site of Milngavie Salmon Ladder. 
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