My work has investigated the experience of parenting two young adolescents. The majority of my work this year has been informed by my interest in the sea arch structure, which I identify with as a mother figure. It seemed to represent something of my experience of motherhood: A solid headland reshaped by currents. 
The progression of this work -using drawing, printmaking and animation - has gone from understanding the mother sea arch not as the site of subtraction but instead as the site of transformation: Where reciprocal affection and care has reshaped without detracting.  
Full view Exhibition Space
Overview of Embodiment of the Mother Arch Wallpaper
Choosing the Right Sleeping Bag 
(will protect you in very cold conditions)
cyanotype print on canvas, wool, fake fur, chicken wire; 140 x 200 x 60cm 
Choosing the Right Sleeping Bag (detail)
Formation of the Mother Arch 
charcoal stop-motion animation,
1 minute 17 seconds 
Embodiment of the Mother Arch
bitumen paint on canvas; 225 x 155cm 
Two studies for Embodiment of the Mother Arch
screen prints, 59.4 x 84.1cm 
Study of Embodiment of the Mother Arch
screen print, 59.4 x 84.1cm 
Shades of Me
screen print on wallpaper, 900 cm x 63cm 
Struggling in the Adolescent Currents
charcoal stop-motion animation,
23 seconds
Photos of Izzy and the Furry Hug
Cartoon of Izzy and the Furry Hug
Pen, 30 x 50cm
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