I am taking the idea of scrutiny and looking closely to extremes by noticing a mix of order and disorder and paying attention to the materials woven into the everyday.   Using materials, mainly concrete, discarded packaging materials, and in contrast, the invisible/hidden organic material - mycelium / fungi.  As Merlin Sheldrake states,  'fungi make our world, change our minds and shape our futures'.  I have been exploring the relationships between these materials as well as using them to create sculptures based on the patterns found in all matter.  Here in these explorations I am finding beauty in the surfaces and structures and immersing myself in learning that these overlooked things are not only beautiful but fascinating too.
Collapsed Dodecahedron 1
snowcrete, mixed textiles, wood & wire mesh
95 x 85 x 80cm 
Collapsed Dodecahedron 2
concrete, mixed textiles & wood
75 x 75 x 40 cm 
Future in Perfect Form
screen print
47 x 47cm 
Hold On and Mimic
concrete & polystyrene
30 x 21 x 7cm 
Imperfect Icosahedron
concrete, mixed textiles & wood
50 x 40 x 43cm 
Mycelium Mimics
straw & mycelium
22 x 15 x 11cm  &  20 x 19 x 16cm 
Now in Perfect Form
screen print
35 x 35cm
Ochtahedron Take Over
concrete, snowcrete & ink
25 x 25 x 25cm 
Perfect Imperfect Sphere
concrete & polystyrene cast
85 x 50 x 50cm 
Reborn in Perfect Form
screen print
47 x 47cm 
Sacred Entanglement
concrete, mixed textiles & wood
112 x 85 x 75cm 
The Solid Void
concrete & polystyrene
18 x 28 x 24 cm   &   18 x 14 x 15cm 
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